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Careers in Transportation Construction
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A career in transportation construction can get you Miles Ahead. It’s a career that can last a lifetime, and regardless of where you start, you will always be moving forward!

It’s a career that brings diverse opportunities – designing, constructing and maintaining Virginia’s roadway system. You’ll have the freedom to thrive while you build your career.

The transportation construction industry needs workers like you now. You can get started today and receive the training you need to advance.

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Do you want to be a part of something that is important and be proud of the work you do every day? Working to manage and construct our roadways, you will see the true impact your job has on every community.

We need designers and workers who can re-imagine how and be a part of getting community members safely to their destinations by replacing old infrastructure and building new roadways and bridges. We need teams to help access and provide the essential materials, or aggregates, required for roads, interstates, bridges and tunnels. We need heavy equipment operators and laborers to build these projects safely and efficiently. You will be a part of constructing and maintaining critical roadway infrastructure used by generations to come.

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Opportunity to Thrive

These are just a few of the opportunities in the transportation construction industry, where wages are some of the most competitive you’ll find in Virginia – no matter who you are or where you’re from.

And, for many of these opportunities, you can get additional training while working on a job that will take you Miles Ahead.

Workers Needed

This industry is growing and evolving. Your career will be strong for decades and you’ll have opportunities for lifelong learning and advancement. Here are some of the top job opportunities where training is available:

Construction laborer

Construction Laborer

You will be a part of the team working to construct roadways and will receive training while on the job to move your career forward. Entry level or little experience required – we will teach you.

Materials laborer

Materials Laborer

Do you like smashing rocks or turning big rocks into smaller, usable products? You will help mine for and provide the materials needed to build and maintain our roadway system.



You will use your hands to join metal parts with a tool that generates intense heat. Training is often completed through an apprenticeship.

Construction inspector

Construction Inspector

Do you have an attention to detail? You will ensure the safety and compliance of various structures and systems throughout different stages of the building process. No college degree is required, but certifications will be expected in the future.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Heavy Equipment Operator

You will operate the machinery – back-hoes, graders, cranes – to start, build and finalize these important projects.

Diesel Mechanic

Diesel Mechanic

You will work to inspect, maintain, and ensure the reliability and efficiency of diesel-powered vehicles and equipment for job sites – allowing projects to be completed safely and on time. Training programs are available.

Collaboration is at the core of transportation construction.

And these are just some of the jobs available to enhance and connect our communities. In addition, the industry comprises engineers who envision creative and cost-effective approaches to how Virginia builds its roads. Truckers who move materials for contractors that transform those materials into the roads and bridges we use every day. Environmental experts and surveyors who prepare sites and ensure our industry’s impact is minimal. Welders. Lab technicians. Pavers. Electricians and more.

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Why the Transportation Construction Industry Works for You

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Jobs are available RIGHT NOW. We need dependable, driven workers to build Virginia’s future. Many of our careers require no college degree. We already employ more than 100,000 people, and we’re looking for more!

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Our wages and benefits are extremely competitive and you always have the opportunity to excel and advance. We believe in fair pay all around and rewarding excellent work with promotions, raises, and additional training.

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A career in transportation construction puts you at the forefront of Virginia’s future. You can be a part of building a safer, more accessible transportation system to connect travelers. This is a career where you will be proud to see the impact of your work.

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